Victoria aka V of Vossae, grew up using music as therapy. She ultimately sees making music as a way to pay it forward and connect with people and situations. Early in life, she noticed that music and songwriting were things that really resonated with her. She began her writing journey at a young age and sang as part of a Trova group back in grade school. Because of conflicting beliefs about the music industry, among other things, she stopped pursuing being an artist, but never stopped writing. In 2015 she moved to Miami from Puerto Rico, with two roller bags, a hefty folder full of songs, lyrics, and chords; and her ukulele. She didn't come to pursue a dream, but she ended up doing exactly that. By being in the right place at the right time, or destiny, she met Ableton Instructor Mike Cupino, who connected her with Trace Barfield. It is with him and then that she began to co-create the musical movement called Vossae. In 2018 V began to focus all of her energy into making music and writing for Vossae and other projects. V currently works with other producers under the name V of Vossae. Vossae is treated as a planet, dimension, place or point of view from where many contrasting views and hues are presented. V of Vossae aims to connect with the world through lyric and melody, to share what flows out of her. Good and bad. She feels it's her greatest responsibility.